Infusion Suite

Rapidly effective method for precise delivery of medication, hydration, and nutrition

Infusion therapy is an alternative, highly effective method for administering medication and is performed in our custom built infusion suite under physician supervision by highly skilled nursing staff. It is an excellent method to deliver medication that cannot be taken orally, or that needs to be dispensed at a controlled pace, or as a method to bypass the digestive system which lessens the potency and effectiveness of a number of medications. Infusion therapy is often the most effective treatment for rheumatoid diseases and other autoimmune issues.

The infusion is administered by inserting a small needle into patient’s vein, which is connected to a tube and IV bag containing the prescribed medication. Once attached, the solution drips slowly directly into your bloodstream. The duration of each infusion session depends on the medication being administered and the patient’s specific needs. Regardless of the duration, our staff is fully committed to ensuring that your experience is as comfortable as possible. You can bring your laptop, book, or magazine and receive your infusion in a reclining chair.

Before beginning your infusion, you will be provided with instructions in preparation for your infusion therapy. Additionally, you will be able to speak with the staff regarding insurance costs that may be associated with your treatment.

Common conditions that are treated with infusion therapy include: 

Each infusion treatment will be administered by our trained staff, so you can rest comfortably knowing you’re in good hands. The infusion medications we use are considered very effective in the treatment of autoimmune & rheumatoid issues, and each is carefully prepared by a doctor. We are happy to coordinate and administer any medication available as an infusion.

We administer a variety of medications, including:

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